What are Catholic Beliefs?

The Catholic belief system makes up a large part of the Christian faith. There are over 1.2 billion in the world who are considered Catholic. These individuals hold Christian beliefs, values and traditions that are the same as other branches of Christianity. However, their faith is separate and distinct. So, what are Catholic Beliefs? Keep reading to discover how people of this faith really believe.


Belief in Jesus Christ

Catholics believe in Jesus Christ. He is the central figure to the Christian faith. Catholics believe in Christ and they emphasize the point that only by believing in Christ can people know God. They adhere to the truth that Christ came in the flesh and he lived like a regular person. They also understand that the Apostle’s Creed is the doctrine that promotes the revelation and truth of Jesus Christ.


The Role of the Pope and the Church


The Catholic Pope is the one person who heads the whole entire church. He is considered the only person that is able to hear directly from God. He also appoints bishops and he sets the tone of the Catholic church. The pope is also responsible for overseeing the Catholic Church and its dealings within the world. Many people look to the Pope for direction regarding important issues and matters of belief.




Catholics have a strong belief and tradition in attending Sunday Mass. They also believe in baptism, observing sacraments and praying the rosary. Catholics light candles during their worship services and they also sing worship music with choirs.




Catholics believe that Jesus gave the church seven sacraments that must be continuously followed. They have been started by Christ continuously followed by his believers. They also believe that God gives grace to people when they perform these sacraments. These sacraments are set up in three parts which include Initiation, Healing and Service. Each section of these sacraments include baptism, the Eucharist, confirmation, reconciliation, anointing the sick, Holy Orders and matrimony.


The Trinity


Catholics believe that God is three persons connected together as one being. He is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Ghost.




Catholics believe that Mary is considered the mother of God (Jesus). She is also prayed to and venerated within the Catholic Church. They believe that Mary was kept from sin by God in order to birth Christ. Catholics give Mary special respect or honor because she is the mother of Jesus. They say that her example should be followed when worshipping Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. They do not consider her to be equal to Jesus.


Catholics also hold the same esteem of the saints within the church. They want to honor these individuals because they reflect the life that God wants all people to live. Other beliefs for Catholic include confession of sins and celebrating holy or holidays. Catholic also means “universal” as in the universal church. This was the first organized church from the 1st century A.D. Catholicism is the oldest branch of Christianity. They believe in taking care of your physical body so read more on health benefits of lemon juice and water